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Partner with world leader in education, G-TEC EDUCATION, an ISO certified multinational training network with over 600 training centres across the globe with its latest venture G-TEC VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY. A world class technology driven online training platform with no glass ceiling on your revenue and unlimited scope and relevance. From Technology to Life Skill GVU wings out with over 200+ programs including Foreign university certifications at very competent costs ranging from INR 900 to INR 50,000/-

Sectors of Focus

IT | Life Skills | ERP | Software | Web and UI Development| Mobile Application Development | Logistics | School Scaffold Programs | IAS/Civil Service Foundation | Med/Engg Entrance Coaching Software etc

Few Premium Programs

SAP Learning Hub

The SAP Learning Hub (Student Edition) – Learn in your own way, in your own time, with 24×7 access to training and social learning from SAP that is relevant to your role and level.

Course Fee: INR 9900/- + GST



G-Coderz is an innovative and fun learning platform for students worldwide to engage in robotics, computer science, and STEM to foster 21st century skills. Using simulated 3D virtual cyber robots, students learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics while engaging in challenging tiered missions that develop creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and an appreciation for technology.

Course Details:
Course Course Fee
G-Coderz Adventure 2999/- + GST
G-Coderz Cyber Robotics 101 4999/- + GST
G-Coderz Cyber Robotics 102 4999/- + GST
G-Coderz Python Gym 6999/- + GST


Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) – iWeek Training – The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) program is the most comprehensive ethical hacking course on the globe to help information security professionals grasp the fundamentals of ethical hacking.

C|EH Training is Now Online with iWeek Live Training and iLabs Online Lab Platform!!

Course Fee: INR 40000/- + GST


Data Science Live Classes

Data Science Live Classes are are led by industry experienced trainers in the domain. Ten hours of Python Basics online recorded session would be shared with the candidate.

Course Fee: INR 12500


English Live Online Classes

English Live Online Classes are delivered live by our own qualified native-speaker teachers through our platform, which ensures a high audio and video quality. Students may connect via PC, tablet or smartphone, and actively participate in their lessons.

Two Levels of Training are available – English Basic Level ( CEFR Level A1) for School Students and People who want to learn Basic English especially who want to start speaking English and English Intermediate Level ( CEFR Level B1) for Working Professionals and Job seekers who wish to increase their fluency in English speaking.

Course Fee: INR 5900/- + GST


Entrance Master

G-TEC Entrance Master is a 25 Year researched Entrance Preparatory software/mobile app which works both online and offline.

Course Fee: INR 4500 + GST



Technology based and industry demanded courses like Cloud Computing, AWS, Scripting Languages, Web Languages etc.

Course Details:
Course Course Fee
Microsoft Web Applications – Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 3999
Cloud Computing and AWS Essentials 3999
Exploring Artificial Intelligence 3999
Exploring Machine Learning 3999
Programming with Kotlin 3999
IoT Development 3999
Android Application Development 3999


Life Skills

Life Skill courses unleash your life and work skills to be confident, dynamic and productive.

Course Details:

GST applicable for the courses mentioned in the table below.

Course Course Fee
Success Starts with YOU 900
English Communication 900
Time Management 900
Stress Management 900
Become a People Magnet 900
Leadership starts with YOU 900
Take Journey Within 900
Live your Dream Life 900
Brand called YOU 900
Happiness Advantage 900
Creativity and Problem Solving 900
Campus to Corporate 900
Resume Writing 900
Ace Group Discussions 900
Excel in Interview 900
Work your Network 900
Etiquettes and Manners 900
Work-Life Balance 900
Productivity Enhancers – 5 Modules 2200
Confidence Builder- 9 Modules 2200
Personality Development- 13 Modules 2300
Job and Career Enhancers – 6 Modules 2000
Success Starts with YOU + English Communication 1500
Time Management + Stress Management 1500
Become a People Magnet + Leadership starts with you 1500
Leadership starts with You + Brand Called You 1500
Campus to Corporate + Resume Writing 1500
Resume Writing + Excel in Interview 1500
Ace Group Discussions + Work Your Network 1500
Live your Dream Life + Happiness Advantage 1500
Creativity and Problem Solving + Work Life Balance 1500
English Communication + Ace Group Discussions 1500
Success Starts with you + Happiness Advantage 1500
Success Starts with You + Become a People Magnet + Leadership starts with you 2500
Campus to Corporate + Resume Writing + Excel in Interview 2500
Live your Dream Life+ Work Life Balance + Happiness Advantage 2500


Office Productivity

Office productivity courses enhance and streamline your workflow to save time for career and personal growth.

Course Details:
Course Course Fee
Microsoft Office 2016 – Intermediate 3999
Microsoft Office 2016 – Advanced 3999


Multimedia & Design

Multimedia & design courses helps to be experts in designing your creativity with powerful tools

Course Fee: INR 3999


Cognitive Learning Program (CLP)

Cognitive Learning Program, CLP is uniquely designed for every Grade from Pre kg -12 to know student’s performance in core 5 skills.

Subscription Details:

Subscription Subscription Fee
CLP (2 Months) – Brain Games 950
CLP (1 Year) – Brain Games 1800


Aptitude & Skill Assessment Program

Aptitude and Skill Assessment Program
or simply ASAP report let you know the Thinking Skills of your kid in 15-20 minutes through very simple but globally standardized AI platform via Brain puzzles. This is for the age group 3 to 13 years which they can take on any Internet connected device including smart phone or laptops.

Course Fee: INR 300 + GST


Live Classes

Live Classes as per industry demanded courses like Digital Marketing, Python, Django, Ethical hacking etc. delivered by experienced instructors.

Course Details:
Course Course Fee
Certified Ethical Hacking (from EC-Council) 40000/- + GST
Digital Marketing 1499
Advanced Digital Marketing with SEO 5000/- + GST
Spoken English 3499
Software Testing 6900/- + GST
Python 3500/- + GST
Django 4500/- + GST
Data Science 12500
AutoCAD 6000/- + GST
Android with Kotlin 4500/- + GST
Advanced Excel 3500/- + GST

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