Excel in Interview

Learn how to conduct yourself in an interview and ace it Access Time: 1 Month Course Outline: Introduction to the course Understanding interview phobia Laying foundations First things to focus Getting started with Interviews – preparation Walk the talk Introduce yourself Strengths and weaknesses Why hire you? Salary expectations Do you have any questions?

Happiness Advantage

Explore some ideas on how to be happy and stay happy Access Time: 1 Month Course Outline: Happiness and YOU Happiness – Easy? Formula for Happiness How to Stay happy Meditation Exercise Kindness Positivity Signature strengths Anticipation Compassion

Leadership starts with YOU

Tomorrow’s leader must have a clear understanding of themselves before they can understand or lead others. Unless you learn to lead self, you wouldn’t know what it takes to lead others. It gets easier to lead others when you know where you are going yourself. Self leadership lays foundations on self awareness, self mastery and deeper understanding of one’s…

Live your dream Life

In the most iconic words of Steve Jobs “Do what you love, Love what you do”. You don’t have to chose either of them, making a steady income and doing what you love can happen at the same time. Passion fuels our life to feel motivated, inspired and have a clear vision for the future to come. Passionate individuals…

Etiquettes and Manners

Learn business etiquettes of meeting and communicating with people Access Time: 1 Month Course Outline: What are Business Etiquette? Handshakes Introductions and Greetings Cards and Personal Space Art of Polite Conversations Image in Business Telephone and Mobile Etiquette E-mail Etiquette Meeting Etiquette Elevator Etiquette

Stress Management

A recent survey shows 46% of the Indian workforce suffers from some form of stress. Using mindfulness we can bring physiological and psychological changes that aid relaxation, increase focus and creativity and restore ability to deal with depressive tendencies. By the end of the course participants will explore causes of such stress, understand its remedies and learn to manage…

Time Management

Time is money, the old saying goes, and plenty of it gets lost in disorganisation and disruption. We live in a busy world, never seem to have enough time for life. Hence managing time becomes an essential skill for both life and work. By the end of the course participants will be able to better organise themselves, manage priorities…

Resume Writing

Well written resume that meet the employer’s needs have better chances to a smooth interview. This training program focuses on creating professional resumes that attract more interview offers. Access Time: 1 Month Course Outline: Introduction to the Course Laying Foundations Putting resume together

Take Journey Within

Many of us are living a life which is based on others perception instead of living a life of inner reflection We find it difficult to find the real purpose of our existence. Our lives involve meeting different people of varied backgrounds, how can we ever understand others without understanding ourself. By the end of the course participants would…

Work Your Network

Students life as we know it is definitely self-dependent, but life outside is seeded on interdependence. Its often said the our network worth is based on our network. This programs help the young jobseekers or aspiring Entrepreneurs understand the need and fundamentals of building a strong business network. Access Time: 1 Month Course Outline: What is Networking Why networking…