IoT Development – Developing and Implementing IoT Solutions

Learning about developing and implementing IoT solutions and topics like MicroPython, Security, Raspberry PI, OpenCV, GPIO, Arduino. Azure IoT capabilities, and concepts of data streaming and analytics using IoT Hub.

Access Time: 1 Month

Course Details:

Principles of IoT and Python Basics

Identify the critical impact of IoT on computing and learn how to use Python to implement IoT logics.

Topics Covered

  • recognize the architecture and ecosystem of IoT
  • identify the essential characteristics of IoT projects
  • illustrate how the arrival of IoT applications has had an impact on the IT industry
  • recognize the essential capabilities of IoT applications that can be implemented on the cloud
  • recognize the impact that IoT has over data analytics
  • describe the impact the invention of IoT products has had on the lives of consumers
  • specify how IoT can be implemented using Python
  • demonstrate how to work with Online Python Simulator using certain fundamental examples
  • list the feature of MicroPython that can be implemented in IoT applications
  • install and configure MicroPython

MicroPython Board

Explore advanced concepts used to implement IoT devices with MicroPython and MicroPython board

Topics Covered

  • demonstrate how to package code using the setup tools
  • demonstrate how to debug Python code using Python debugger
  • illustrate how to use REPL console to interact with boards
  • specify the essential features of MicroPython boards
  • set up MicroPython board
  • illustrate the features and capabilities of Pymate and Pycom boards
  • install Arduino IDE
  • specify some of the most popular MicroPython-compatible boards

MicroPython and Security

Discover how to work with Pyboard and implement certain extensive libraries and explore the security concerns

Topics Covered

  • list all the essential components of Pyboard
  • demonstrate how to load firmware on the Pyboard
  • demonstrate the network setup capabilities of Pyboard
  • program with MicroPython
  • list the critical libraries and functionalities of MicroPython that can be implemented
  • illustrate the vulnerabilities and security implementation on the IoT ecosystem
  • identify the architecture of IoT security
  • demonstrate how to implement AAA frameworks with IoT
  • specify the critical security concerns around the cloud Implementation of IoT

Using Raspberry Pi and OpenCV

Work with Raspberry Pi and Arduino in order to implement various IoT models and explore the concept of OpenCV

Topics Covered

  • specify typical and common use cases of security treats
  • identify the critical architecture and components of Raspberry Pi devices
  • illustrate the capabilities of Raspberry Pi and Arduino
  • install Raspberry Pi
  • identify the need for OpenCV and its relevance with IoT devices
  • install OpenCV
  • demonstrate the steps and approaches of connecting with Raspberry Pi

Raspi-config and GPIO

Discover how to build advanced IoT applications using Raspberry Pi and GPIO

Topics Covered

  • use Raspi-config to configure Pi
  • demonstrate how to facilitate user management on Pi
  • enable Wi-Fi connectivity for devices
  • demonstrate the mechanism of setting up remote access
  • recognize GPIO and its essential characteristics
  • demonstrate how to access GPIO pins using Python
  • identify the challenges of input output when working with Raspberry GPIO

Arduino Language

Explore detailed concepts of programming IoT applications using Arduino language and Arduino IDE

Topics Covered

  • illustrate the essential features and benefits of Arduino
  • demonstrate the various essential device components of Arduino
  • install the Arduino integrated development environment
  • demonstrate how to connect Arduino with Raspberry Pi
  • illustrate the various capabilities and usages of the Arduino IDE
  • illustrate the important coding elements of Arduino language
  • demonstrate how to program IoT applications using the Arduino Language
  • identify the essential pin ops in Arduino
  • demonstrate how to facilitate serial communication in Arduino

Cloud Implementation Using Azure IoT

Explore IoT and cloud capabilities, as well as the value of cloud for emulating IoT, and Azure IoT capabilities

Topics Covered

  • implement serial communication between Pi and Arduino
  • identify the essential capabilities and benefits of IoT with cloud implementation
  • illustrate the capabilities and features afforded by AWS IoT
  • illustrate the reference architecture and capabilities of Azure IoT
  • demonstrate the suite capabilities of Azure IOT
  • illustrate the essential capabilities provided by IoT Hub
  • create IoT Hub services
  • demonstrate how to configure IoT Hub to register and track devices

Azure IoT Hub

Discover the advanced capabilities of IoT on the cloud and the concepts of data streaming and analytics using IoT Hub

Topics Covered

  • demonstrate how to configure messaging to relay data to and from Azure
  • implement stream analytics on IoT Hub
  • implement live monitoring of incoming data
  • configure data threshold values to generate alerts
  • illustrate the remote diagnostic capability on IoT devices
  • demonstrate how to configure and utilize Azure IoT online simulator
  • manage devices using Node.js
  • identify the sensory modules and devices to facilitate productive utilization from the perspective of IoT
  • demonstrate how to construct Azure Stream Analytics jobs

Course Fee: USD 75

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